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Institute of technical exploitation of vessels naval academy

Report on Measurement and Analyses of Motor Compressor Vibration and Gas Fluctuation in the Maćkowice Gas Pumping Facility, March 1997

Motor compressor no. 6 after modernization
Motor compressor no. 5 and 4 before modernization

Conducted by:
dr inż. Stanisław Polanowski
mgr inż. Karol Listewnik
mgr inż. Jan Idzikowski
Marek Łutowicz

Gdynia, September 1997

4.2. Compressor vibration

Measuring points of compressor vibration are the following: V1/1, V1/2, V1/3 ÷ V6/1, V6/2, V6/3. For workstation no. 6 before modernization the following maximum speeds of vibration were reported: 5.07; 3.99; 3.86; 3.85 mm/s. After the modernization the following maximum speeds of vibration were reported: 1.19 ; 1.09 ; 0.983 ; 0.964 mm/s. It is apparent that the speed of vibration for these compressors decreased even fourfold.
An average speed of compressor vibration was 2.8 mm/s for motor compressor no. 6 before the modernization and 0.53 mm/s after the modernization, which is considered a very good value.

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