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Polish Baltic Shipping Co.
P.P. Polska 疾gluga Ba速ycka

Polish Baltic Shipping Co.
78-100 Ko這brzeg
Ul. Morska 2

Ko這brzeg, September 7, 1992

Zak豉d Konstrukcji i Ekspertyz TECHMARIN Sp. z o.o.
ul. Markiewicza 49
72-600 安inouj軼ie

Re.: the co-operation between Polska 疾gluga Ba速ycka and Zak豉d Konstrukcji i Ekspertyz TECHMARIN seated in 安inouj軼ie

The co-operation between our companies has lasted for over four years and has proved to be very good.

In the previous letter to your company dated May 5, 1991 we have described in detail the specialised repairs undertaken by your company on our vessels. We are happy to inform you that all the repairs stood up and the machines continue to work properly to this day.

Since your company has extended the service range to repairs of turbocompressors and full overhaul of main and auxiliary engines, we have been able to broaden the scope of our co-operation to the mutual benefit and satisfaction.

We have been pleased to see your company meeting deadlines, the quality of the service you provide to our order and highly effective organisation, all of which comprise well-organised service.

Chief Fleet Engineer
mgr in. Jan Wr鏏lewski

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