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Euroafrica Sp. z o.o.

70-952 SZCZECIN, ul. Energetyków 3/4, skr. poczt. 511, tlg.: EUROAFRICA
tel.: (91) 350-61, fax: (91) 391-83, tlx: 422396 plo pl

Szczecin, September 7, 1992


Re.: Co-operation with Zakład Konstrukcji i Ekspertyz TECHMARIN Sp. z o.o., Świnoujście, within the scope of ship overhauls and, in particular, marine power plant mechanical equipment.

We have worked in co-operation with Zakład Konstrukcji i Ekspertyz "TECHMARIN" Sp. z o.o. of Świnoujście for over three years.

The value of overhaul work contracted out to the Company this year is expected to amount to approximately PLN 700,000,000. We assume that our co-operation in 1993 will be maintained at a level comparable to this year's, especially with regard to repairs and regeneration of selected machines.

We hereby confirm that TECHMARIN has performed a number of regeneration projects that are unique in the national ship repairing industry. These include:
regeneration of all types of main and auxiliary engine cylinder blocks (cradles, water jackets, benches at contact with cylinder sleeves) - the work was performed on site (in the power plant),
external regeneration of cylinder sleeves to nominal dimensions,
setting of main and auxiliary engines and other machines on foundations; shaft regeneration and alignment,
regeneration of all types of vessel engine crankshafts (performed in co-operation with HCP Poznań),
regeneration of connecting rods, bearing casings, etc. (performed in co-operation with HCP Poznań).
In addition to the above work, TECHMARIN provides the following repair and overhaul services in power plants:
overhauls of main and auxiliary engine turbo compressors,
overhauls and inspections of combustion engines of all types,
repairs and overhauls of clutches and gear transmissions,
equipment polishing performed on site (on board of vessels) without disassembly,
replacement of machine mechanisms and pipelines,
overhauls of oil, water and air coolers.
TECHMARIN has performed all of the above services in due time, to required quality standards and, notably, without changing the agreed upon prices. The repairs received by Polski Rejestr Statków (Polish Shipping Register) have been performed flawlessly.

Within the last three years, we have had no complaints regarding the repair and overhaul work performed on ships.

Chief Mechanic
Head of Technical Supervision Services, Szczecin
mgr inż. Bogdan Szreder

Bank Account:
Pomorski Bank Kredytowy III/O Szczecin No. 368012-101954 810514137-84001000
REGON: P- 51-1-521-81101

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