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KRIO Gas Denitrification Plant

Odolanów, January 18, 1995

Józef Wołoszczuk
Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo Warsaw
Krio Gas Denitrification Plant (Zakład Odazotowania Gazu KRIO)
ul. Krotoszyńska, 63-430 Odolanów
tel. 064/364441, fax: 064/365989
Vice-Director for Operation


Re.: A solution for setting a GMVH-12 motor compressor on a foundation recommended by TECHMARIN Sp. z o.o.

Existing solution
Creusot Loire GMVH-12 motor compressors are block gas engine and piston compressor units.
The unit's rated power is 2753 hp.
The unit's weight is approximately 85 t.
The unit was set on a monolithic reinforced-concrete block in accordance with the design and machine supplier specifications.

Over years of operation, the following problems appeared and continued to aggravate:
Foundation blocks cracking
Holding down bolts cutting
Over-rigid machine casing foundation
Engine block and antifluctuation bottle cracking
Increasing noise levels
Increasing vibration levels
Problems with maintaining diameter clearance in the assembly of crankshaft, pistons and connecting rods
Frequent machine failures
It has been ascertained beyond any doubt that the main cause of the above problems is an improper foundation of the machines.

The above problems have forced us to search for alternative ways of setting the machines on a foundation. From the numerous proposals we have received, a selection was made of the Techmarin offer.

Besides the novelty in the Company, the insertion of an intermediate piece in the form of a steel frame and the use of resins guaranteed effective solutions to key problems and the reduction of additional adverse side effects.

The foundation repair work required removing the machines off the existing foundation without interrupting plant operation. The work was commenced in May 1993.
Successive foundation repairs took place in May 1993 (GMVH-12), November 1993 (12/5), February 1994 (12-3), June 1994 (12/4) and January 1995 (12/2).

Work organisation
Preparatory work required, among other things, the removal of heavy objects off the foundation.
A separate challenge was to break off the foundation's top layer.
Work preparation, organisation, quality and accuracy deserve much credit.

With the use of the new foundation method, it was possible to:
eliminate most of the above-mentioned problems,
significantly reduce noise levels,
reduce vibration levels by a factor of over a dozen,
achieve a substantial rise in machine reliability,
replace foundation bolts without removing engines.
The above observations were made during unit operation:
GMVH 12/1 : 17,245 (h)
GMVH 12/3 : 5,864 (h)
12/4 : 3,344 (h)
12/5 : 7,429 (h)

The proposed solution stood out in terms of its originality.
Efficient performance and, most of all, reliability and excellent operating parameters (again: approximately 17,500 h) certainly earn the Company credit for outstanding professionalism.

Krio Gas Denitrification Plant, Odolanów
mgr inż. Józef Wołoszczuk

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