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Polish Oil and Gas Company - State Enterprise

Mazowiecki District Gas Company in Warsaw
00-412 Warszawa, ul. Kruczkowskiego 2
Bank account: Bank Gdański IV O/W-wa 300009-622-131

TEL.: SWITCHBOARD ul. Kruczkowskiego 2 621-24-71 SWITCHBOARD ul. Kasprzaka 632-20-11 SECRETARY'S OFFICE I 628-45-77 SECRETARY'S OFFICE II 29-68-67 FAX: 29-76-54

Opinion regarding
work performed by Techmarin
in Mazowiecki District Gas Company (MOZG)

In the period from 1992 to 1993, two natural gas pumping facilities were completed in Rembelszczyzna and Podlasie. The facilities were equipped with a total of 11 1HB5K400/250 piston gas compressors made by Halberstadt of the former East Germany.

From the very beginning, major problems were experienced with vibration in machines and piping that were transferred onto buildings and other equipment.

These destructive factors caused cracking, initially in pipeline supports and subsequently in building walls. According to workplace measurements, acceptable standards were exceeded several-fold, forcing the State Labour Inspectorate to order the structure's shutdown.

MOZG turned for a solution to Techmarin, a company that had resolved a similar problem at the Odolanów Pumping Facility. In 1995, detailed measurements were taken and their outcomes applied to renovate the machine's foundation and pipe mounting systems. Use was made of EPY component that features excellent vibration damping properties. Subsequent measurements produced excellent results and, in effect, other Rembelszczyzna machines were renovated in a similar manner. According to final measurements, vibration fell to three times below acceptable standards. Due to a high volume of materials on the topic, findings of studies of the conditions before and after the renovations have not been attached and are available at MOZG offices.

During the operation of Halberstadt compressors, problems appeared in main shaft bearings. Specifically, the problems involved the cracking of the bushing material. This problem was also fully resolved by Techmarin which used a proper technology and appropriate materials to make replacement bushings. At this time, Techmarin is in charge of maintaining bearings in all compressors.

Techmarin has additionally solved such other operational problems at the pumping facility as turbo-compressor rotor balancing, and the production of customised bushings, seals, etc.

In summary, MOZG states that Techmarin is a fair and reliable company that provides a sophisticated technology. We are very happy with our past work with the company and therefore plan to continue our relations in the long-run. We are confident that the technical solutions applied at our plants will be equally well-suited for use in Poland's other gas industry plants.

Head of
Compressor Station Region
mgr inż. Mikołaj Sztenke

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